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0(2)-10V, 0(4)-20mA, 6Nm,10Nm,16Nm,25Nm,40Nm Modulating Damper Actuators

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This air damper actuator is special designed for small and medium-sized air damper as well as for terminal control unit of air volume system. It is usually used in somewhere space limited because of its small size and flexible control.




Operation must by professional personnel

Check the voltage and control method first to avoid the actuator damage for wrong connection, forbid power on making connection, Short circuit between line and line also will make actuator disintegration

When many actuators work in parallel, the same color wire must connect in parallel on a same power wire, or actuators will burnout

When change any actuators rotate direction in parallel work actuators, should operate on the Profile reversing switch, forbid to realize it though the Switch opening and turning off the connection

If have any doubt on the wire connection or installation forbid to trail run with power on, must be consultant with the manufacture to confirm all fine

Modulating Specification:

Torque select method:

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