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Spring Return Actuators

on/off type spring return damper actuators, relibale quality, resonable price, it is large used in the BMS system, automation,HVAC system

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If you are willing to wholesale spring return actuators from one of the famous spring return actuators suppliers in China, or you are going to check air torque actuators, return actuators, floating actuator, motorized valve actuators price with a such factory, Star Win Actuators Manufacture Co.,Ltd is always at your service.

Actuators Type

Star Win’s actuator is a type of motor that is responsible for moving or controlling a mechanism or system.

It is operated by typically electric current, An actuator is the mechanism by which a control system acts upon an environment. The control system can be simple (a fixed mechanical or electronic system), software-based (e.g. a printer driver, robot control system), a human, or any other input.

Type Description

Spring Return Actuators  

Star Win’s spring return actuators were designed for dampers in case of power off the shutter will be closed/opened by return spring 


Can be single control 

Set up independent running time

Screw terminal connection

Universal adapter:circular shaft,maxφ18mm 

optional rotation angle

With two groups of floating auxiliary switch

Valid for set in advance

Adopt steady、compact、anti-collision steel shell 

Permanently sealed shell conform to Standard IP54

Datasheet: download(leave mail, company name)

Type selection

The marked in colors items,same color must choose one item for a product;

Non- marked items choose as your requirement, showed No means without the function.

Torque Selection


5Nm Spring Return Air Damper Actuator specification.pdf

8NmSpring Return Air Damper Actuator specification.pdf

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