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Terminal Blocks Can Produce Metal Melt Flow
Nov 06, 2017

Terminal Blocks crimping is a technique for compressing and displacing a metal to the specified limits and connecting the wire to a contact pair. Good crimp connections result in a metal melt flow that causes the wire and contact to deform symmetrically about the material. This connection is similar to the cold-welded connection, can get better mechanical strength and electrical continuity, it can withstand harsh environmental conditions.It is generally believed that the use of the correct crimp connection is better than the solder, especially in high current situations Crimp must be used. Crimping must be used when the special crimping pliers or automatic, semi-automatic crimping machine.

The application of the Terminal Blocks block is mainly reflected in the power electronic distribution line, where the screen equipment and off-screen equipment are connected through some special Terminal Blocks, these Terminal Blocks together, they are called the Terminal Blocks block. The role of the screen is connected to the device and the line equipment, play a signal (current and voltage) transmission role. With the Terminal Blocks block, making the wiring beautiful, easy maintenance, the connection between long-distance lines is mainly solid, easy construction and maintenance.

Terminal Blocks protection and switch two categories. Protection, there are high-voltage electrical connectors fuse. Switches are mainly high-voltage isolation switch, high-pressure load on: and high-voltage circuit breakers. '64. j high-voltage power distribution equipment What are the main role, high-voltage power distribution equipment is composed of an indispensable supply and distribution system important equipment, the main f the role of the following three, on and off the voltage and current lines of high-voltage transmission and control of energy transmission and Change the operating mode of the system, protect the high-voltage lines and equipment, prevent the harm of over-current, isolate the power and ensure the safety of maintenance personnel and equipment. High voltage power distribution equipment must meet what the basic requirements for the distribution system to be safe, continuous and reliable operation, high voltage distribution equipment must be sufficient for the following basic requirements, the insulation performance must be good. High voltage distribution equipment insulation level should be long To live the line voltage.