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Terminal Blocks Has Become The Most Important Accessories Products
Nov 06, 2017

The material of the Terminal Blocks determines the insulation performance and the conductivity of the Terminal Blocks Each Terminal Blocks determines the success of the project, any failure of a Terminal Blocks will lead to the failure of the entire system engineering.With the continuous improvement of electronic technology, the Terminal Blocks itself Structure and R & D technology has also been a generation of innovation, China's Terminal Blocks industry also ushered in the catch-up of similar foreign products in the process of a change.Technology substitution advantage, and directly mimic the large Terminal Blocks manufacturers of technology research and development results, Saving the product research and development of funds.In the field of industrial control, the Terminal Blocks has become the most important parts products, as a connector, the Terminal Blocks with its good connectivity quickly gained the industrial control field of welcome. Terminal Blockss are now widely Applied to various fields, including signal Terminal Blockss, power Terminal Blockss, connecting Terminal Blockss, etc., is the circuit in the connection.

Crimp Terminal Blocks crimping is a technique for compressing and displacing a metal within specified limits and connecting the wire to a contact pair. Good crimp connections result in a metal melt flow allowing the wire and contact pair material Symmetrical deformation. This connection is similar to the cold-welded connection, get better mechanical strength and electrical continuity, it can withstand harsh environmental conditions.It is generally believed that the use of the correct crimp connection is better than the solder, especially in the High-current occasions must use crimp. Crimp to be used when the special crimping pliers or automatic, semi-automatic crimping machine.

The positive Terminal Blocks type (marked p) refers to the housing filled with positive pressure of clean air, inert gas or continuous access to clean air to prevent the explosive mixture into the housing of electrical equipment. Oil-filled (marked o ) Refers to the electrical equipment that may cause sparks, arcing or dangerous temperature charged parts immersed in insulating oil so that it can not ignite the explosive mixture above the oil surface. Sand-filled type (marked as q) Materials charged into the device housing, so that the shell appeared in the arc, flame propagation, shell wall temperature or pellet surface temperature can not ignite the outer explosive mixture of electrical equipment.

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